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Our company is a collective of fitness enthusiasts striving to deliver the best for all our clients

ForceFit is a personal fitness specialist start-up that focuses on gym design and consulting, personal training, nutritional guidance, genetic testing and sports physiotherapy. We believe that a holistic, stress-free approach to fitness and wellness leads to a healthier, happier you.


Gym Design

ForceFit is dedicated to the design, construction and management of innovative, user-friendly gyms in private homes, housing societies, corporates and commercial spaces throughout India.

Personal Training

ForceFit delivers you the best personal trainers in Mumbai across all disciplines. Whether it’s functional training, calisthenics, judo, karate, boxing, Kick-boxing, TRX, self-defence, Zumba  or HIIT, we have you covered.


Nutritional Guidance and Wellness

Our expert panel of nutritionists believe in giving diet plans which are doable and permanent. We do not believe in any fat burners, supplements and anabolics to get in shape.

Genetic Testing

Our non-invasive, saliva based genetic testing measures your DNA across 670,000 markers to provide you with an accurate genetic picture of who you really are.



Whether it is to be able to walk pain-free or cut minutes off your personal best in a long run or aim for an Olympic Podium, we use cutting edge Physiotherapy and insightful sport science techniques to understand you, identify areas of improvement and then guide you on your way.

The human body is the best picture of the human soul.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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